Featured Artists and Partners-MMC Bon-Voyage Bash


  • Mehret

 Mani Sue

Joyshandra Jackson

LaTanya Horace

 Toni Hill

Jamil Suleman









Suntonio Bandanaz

One of Seattle’s most prolific “Underground Hip Hop” emcees on the scene, Suntonio Bandanaz (previously recording as Asun) has created a massive catalogue of independent material on CD, tape, vinyl and video. He has appeared on hundreds of tracks and released over a dozen projects including: Heavenly Ghetto Cuts, The Naps Project, The House That Love Built vol. 1 & 2, Titanium Buttermilk Rhinoceros Briefcase, Codex Di Satio, and West Coast Scavengers 12″. In true-school form, Bandanaz is master of the indy distribution hustle, a local legend who has moved tens of thousands of units hand to hand and in stores.




Black Stax

Zeta the Barber

Dj Zeta Barber began putting out all-city mixtapes (AllCityChop.com) in 2008 to do his part in crushing the “local music is wack” stereotype, and to help spread around the good music of his peers. Now stepping out as a musician and visual artist as well, you can check him out at www.ZetaBarber.com

DJ Seabefore

  • DJ Sean Malik

Inspired Child

Monique Franklin is the owner and operator of Inspired Child , a arts
organization which has been providing arts events and activities for youth
and families for over 7 years.

Inspired Child‘s mission is to:

1 Develop creativity, inner-strength, and leadership in our children
through the arts.

2 Uplift communities which have been historically underserved,
underrepresented, and

discriminated against by: Providing access to high quality local programs

·         Programming that is facilitated by members of their communities

·         Programming that is free or low cost

·         Programming that respects and honors the communities experiences,
and invites their contributions as active participants.

3 Create an authentic multi-generational community among the many talented
artists in Seattle.
4 Facilitate the transference of craft from the experienced to the inspired
to learn.

For more information about Inspired Child please visit

Seattle Hip Hop Debate


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